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This video and guide teaches you how to collect, edit, publish, and share video testimonials with Vocal Video.

Create a Collector 

A Collector is a video recording experience you can send as a link to anyone you would like to capture video from. It's easy to create with 45+ Vocal Video templates. 

1. From the dashboard, select New Video Collector.

2. Browse our library of templates, start from scratch, or duplicate an existing Collector. 

3. Select Use This Template.

4. This will take you to the Video Collector Builder. You’ll see a checklist of items to customize your Collector on the left side of the page.

5. Welcome Page: Edit the title and Welcome Message

  • You have the option to record a Welcome Video. Note: We recommend that a Welcome Video is quite short, usually less than 10 seconds.
  • You can add Incentives. Note: Incentives boost response rates, and are fulfilled by you. If you want to automate Incentive fulfillment, you can do that with our Zapier integration.

6. Questions: You can add up to ten questions on Pro, five questions on Plus, and up to three questions on the free plan. Note: With our Pro and Enterprise plans, you can adjust the custom tips or alter the max recording length.

7. Attribution Page: Here your respondents can identify themselves, and these will be used in the video drafts created by Vocal Video. You can ask for a job title and company name. Note: With our Pro and Enterprise plans, you can add custom form fields as well as add your own custom video waiver for folks to agree to. 

8. Thank-you Page: You can customize the text here. Note: With our Pro and Enterprise plans, you can remove the Vocal Video call out and include your own custom call to action button.

9.  Branding: Change logo and make sure the colors match your brand. A color picker is available to pick colors from a website. Note: Brand logos and colors can be set up universally in Brand Kit found on the side bar.

10. Advanced

  • Video responses only: You can turn off the option to accept audio responses if you only wish to receive video responses. 
  • Show How it Works blurbs: You can opt to hide this if you wish.
  • Show Help & FAQ links: You can opt to hide this if you wish.
  • Show step numbers: You can opt to hide this if you wish.
  • Transcription languages: You can also automatically transcribe the subtitles into many languages.
  • Localize/Customize Text Fields: Customize every bit of text on your Collector. This is perfect for localizing the Collector. 
  • Kiosk Mode: This optimizes the Collection experience for in-person video collecting. Note: The Kiosk Mode feature is only available for users on a Pro or Enterprise plan.
  • Open Graph Image & Description: The Open Graph image is the thumbnail that appears when you post a link to a web page to social networks and other supported messaging sites. Each Video Collector has a default Open Graph Image optimized for high engagement on social media. Note: Users on a Pro or Enterprise plan can customize the clickable Open Graph thumbnail and text.

11.   Get Responses: Copy the Standard Link. People typically drop this link into an email, share the link in social media, or place it into a landing page. If you're using a marketing automation system, you can personalize the link so information like name and email will automatically be put into the attribution page. 

Respondents with click the Collector link, which will take them to the Vocal Video Collector They will click Get Started to record their responses. They can rewatch their response to decide if you want to rerecord the video. Here is a more detailed video tutorial on how to respond.

Edit Responses

Now onto the exciting part! We've sent out our Collector. The  subject has responded and you've gotten an email from Vocal Video that it's time to review that draft video. 

1. Click the draft video you want to edit. That will take you to the Vocal Video Editor. Preview the video, so you can see what Vocal Video has put together for you, with sample music, graphics and subtitles. 

2. Select Themes to edit the look and feel of the video. Note: Users on Pro and Enterprise plans will have access to premium themes.  

3. Select Format to see if you want to adjust the video shape to square, portrait, or landscape. 

4. Select Colors to pick different colors for text and logo scenes.

5. Select Fonts to select different fonts for any text that appears in your video. Note: Users on Pro and Enterprise plans have access to 50 premium fonts.

6. Select Logos to update the logos that appear as the main or corner logo. Note: With a paid subscription plan, you can remove the corner watermark.

7. Select Subtitles. Under Edit, you can make any changes to the text. Under Visibility, you can turn off subtitles all together. 

8. Select Music. Vocal Video has automatically applied a track. However, you can upload your own custom music or you can choose one of our 35 licensed tracks.

9. When you select a video scene, you can adjust the Video Filter, Attribution, and even change the background color or image. You can trim the video clips by selecting Trim Video Clip. To make an internal cut, duplicate that scene and trim down the two scenes.

10. Using the left side Scenes bar, you can even create highlight reels or compilation videos. Here, you can also add additional text or logo scenes by clicking + or Add a Scene. You can upload videos that have been recorded outside of Vocal Video.

8. Select Thumbnail. You want to make sure that you have a good thumbnail for your video. You may Select a Video Frame to choose from what is already provided or Upload a Custom Image.

11. Preview your video a few times before you’re ready to publish. Select Publish when you’re ready. 

  • Under Title, Description and URL, you may change the internal or external video title, add some descriptive copy for SEO, and customize your video's URL. 
  • Under Visibility, you may change the video URL or change the  visibility settings. Setting the video visibility at Public means it is indexed by Google. Unlisted means you can share the link, but no one will be able to find it without the URL. Private means you'll be able to download the video, but not be able to share a link to the video page. Note: Only users on a paid subscription can control video visibility settings.
  • Under Audio Processing, you can choose to fade out music at the end of normalize the speech loudness. This is particularly useful if you have multiple subjects in your video. You can also adjust the soundtrack dynamically, which will let the music fade in during your logo scenes and fade out when the speaker is talking.

11. Select Publish Video to render your video to get the public video link and embed code.

Share your Videos

You will receive an email notifying you that your video has finished rendering and published.

1. Share video pages: Each of your public and unlisted pages will have its own unique URL that you can share. Select Copy the Public Link to view the live page. This page has your account’s logo, brand colors, along with the video, and a transcript. 

2. Embed videos: You can also see that you can get some custom embed code to drop into your blog or website. Select Embed on your site to access that. 

3. Share to Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook with only one click.

4.  Upload to YouTube, etc: These platforms require you to download the video from Vocal Video, then upload. With a paid subscription plan, you can download any of your video files.

Vocal Video Cards

Selecting  Video Card will allow you to edit an embed that comes with a pulled quote from your video. 

1. From the published video, select Embed and then Video Card.

2. In the Video Card builder, you can customize the Card Type, Content, and Design.

  • Under Card Type, you can alter the look and feel of the Card.
  • Under Content, you can customize the featured quote and all accompanying text. 
  • Under Design, you can alter the colors, fonts, corners, shadows, thumbnail shape, and max wirth.

Here are detailed instructions on how to build a Video Card.

Vocal Video Galleries

1. From the dashboard, select  Galleries from the left side bar and then Create a Gallery. You can choose from Slideshow, Carousel, Wall, Grid, or List. 

2. In the Gallery builder, you can add new videos by selecting + Add Videos

3. Under Design, you can change the look of the Video Cards, customize the Carousel Settings, adjust how Thumbnails appear, customize Colors, Fonts, Logo, Corners & Shadows, Layout, and Background.

4. Select Title to alter the title of your Gallery. 

5. Click Share to share the Gallery through a public link, website embed, or on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 

Here are detailed instructions on how to build all the different types of Galleries.

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