How to Collect Videos

This guide shows you how to set up a Vocal Video Collector to capture authentic video testimonials from your customers, employees, or experts in just a couple of minutes. 

A collector is a landing page with a link that you can email to anyone you want to capture video testimonials from. 

1. Log into your Vocal Video account.

2. Select + > Create a new video collector. This is going to take you to a whole library of templates that you can browse through and take a look at some of the sample questions. Once you choose one of these templates, it will come with an example email and landing page.

3. When you’re ready, select Use This Template. This will bring up a checklist to customize your template and make it perfectly suited to your audience. On the right, you'll see a preview of your Collector, so you can tell exactly how the changes will be reflected in your Collector. When you're done, you can send your Collector to one person or to hundreds or even thousands of people.

4. Select Branding. This will pull from your account settings that you have set right when you created your account. Make sure your logo image, background color, and accent colors look good. Note: These settings will apply to all your other Collectors.

5. Select Welcome Page

  • Here, you can edit the Public Collector Title. This is your publicly facing title.You want to make sure that this is relevant to the audience that you're sending this out to. If you'd like to customize your internal title, this can be useful for keeping track of multiple collectors that you're sending out to different groups. Note: All changes will be reflected in the preview on the right.
  • It's useful to update the Spokesperson to help personalize the experience.
  • You can provide a Welcome Message. Note: The auto-filled dynamic variables pull from your account settings and can be changed. By clicking Dynamic Variables, you can check out the other options we are able to pull from the information you already have in your account.
  • Recording a Welcome Video can be great for helping to personalize this experience as well. Note: We recommend keeping these short and sweet: no more than 15 or 20 seconds.
  • The next option is Incentives. We will enter your subjects into a prize drawing that we administer across all of the respondents from all of our customers every month, where we send out $100 to 5 winners. Note: We recommend considering different incentives that are relevant to your audience, particularly if your collector is being sent to a large group of people. This can really help boost response rates if you don't already have a very strong relationship with your subjects. 
  • The last option is Contact Email. This allows respondents to contact you if they have other questions! Note: This is especially helpful if you are using your Collector as a tool for interviews or candidate screening. 

6. Select Questions. If you choose a template, your Collector will come with three recommended questions. You'll see on the right how small the view of the  mobile phone screen is that your subjects might be using. We recommend keeping your questions very short. You can select Read our tips & tricks if you need some advice. You'll be able to ask up to three questions on a free subscription, five questions on a Solo or Team plan, or ten questions on a Pro plan. Your respondent will have up to five minutes to answer each question. Note: Clicking the tiny cog above each question allows you to edit the Tips as well as limit how long a respondent can reply.

7. Select Attribution Page. This is the page we will ask your respondent for their name and email after they finish answering your questions. Note: This is important in case a subject asks us to take down a video. You also have the option to ask subjects to fill in their job title and company name. With our Professional and Enterprise plans, you can also attach a Custom Video Release for your respondent to agree to or to add or change the attribution fields.

8. Select Thank-you Page. This is where you thank your respondents for answering your questions by recording themselves. Note: On Pro plans, you can also include a Custom Call-To-Action. That means if you want your respondents to perform a task after recording their video such as referring a person to your site or checking out other testimonials, you could provide a direct link for them to do so here.

9. In Advanced, you can turn off the option to Accept Audio Responses if you only want respondents to respond in video. You can also opt to keep or remove the How it Works blurbs, Help & FAQ links, and step numbers. You can also change the Language Transcription options if your respondents are responding in a language other than English. 

You can edit other text fields by selecting Localize/Customize Text Fields.

10. Ready to test your link? Select Get Responses when you’re ready to send this to your respondents. You can customize this link.

11. Now, it's time to actually get some responses! It's just as easy as copying the link from Get Responses, and dropping it into an email, onto a landing page, or into your social media accounts.

Customer examples




Once you've gathered responses, you can edit videos, publish your creations, and create all kinds of galleries containing multiple videos.