How to Add a Call to Action Button in Collector

On our Pro and Enterprise plans, you are able to ask your respondents to perform an action after recording a video response. They will see your Call-To-Action after answering your questions and filling out the Attribution Page.

To access this feature, first go edit your Video Collector. Select Thank-you Page from the checklist on the left. Turn the Custom Call-To-Action button on and customize the text. You will see what your respondents will see on the right. 

How do organizations use the Call-To-Action button?

  • Drive respondents back to the company‚Äôs homepage
  • Take job applicants to the next step in the hiring process
  • Send to other employee or customer testimonials.
  • Repost the Video Collector or share it on social media.
  • Send respondents to a petition, make a donation, or get involved in other local causes.