How to Set Up Account Branding - Logos and Colors

We recommend setting your brand colors and logos up at the account level right when you get started with Vocal Video.

You can do this by going to the top right of your Vocal Video account and selecting Account Settings > Account Branding

If you don't have the exact hex color codes for your brand handy, you can copy them from an open web page or a file on your computer with the eye dropper tool. Here's how:

  1. Open our color picker (click on the Background Color or Button & Accent Color bars)
  2. Click the white paint palette icon
  3. Click on the black eye dropper icon
  4. Hover over the source color you'd like to copy
  5. When you click an item with the eye dropper tool active, its hex color code will be copied into Vocal Video.

The Video Collector Colors will populate to all of your Video Collectors. Likewise, if you make any color/logo changes to one Collector, they will populate out to all of the other Collectors. These colors are also used on your public video pages.

Note: don't use white or a very light color as one of your colors here, because the white text in your video collectors will be hard to read. We're working on making the text color in video collectors customizable.

Have multiple brands? Our Pro Plan enables you to set up to 3 brands. Upgrade, and let us know you need more brands. We'll help you get them set up.

By default, your videos will use the same color palette as your video collectors, but you can customize and extend the color palette used in your videos. Learn how here.