How to set up Account Branding - Logos and Colors

We recommend setting your brand colors and logos up at the account level right when you get started with Vocal Video.

You can do this by going to the top right of your Vocal Video account and selecting Account Settings > Account Branding

If you don't have the HEX codes color for your brand handy, just click on one of the color boxes and use our color picker to hover over the colors on any website and pick them up.

The Video Collector Colors will populate to all of your Video Collectors. Likewise, if you make any color/logo changes to one Collector, they will populate out to all of the other Collectors

The Default Video Color Palette will determine the color scheme and available customization options for your automatically generated video drafts. You can customize these video-by-video without affecting any other videos, but it's often useful to have them set up the way you'd like to get a head start on manual edits.

Have multiple brands? Our Pro Plan enables you to set up to 3 brands. Upgrade, and let us know you need more brands. We'll help you get them set up.