How to Add Additional Workspaces

Ready to start adding workspaces to your Pro account? 

You can buy up to 9 additional workspaces with your Pro account. Each workspace can have its own branding, colors, access for users, and can be managed centrally by Admins. This is a great solution for companies that have multiple sub-brands and different departments, or agencies with multiple clients.

How do workspaces work?

  1. Access and manage all workspaces with one login
  2. Set the name, logo, colors, and branding for each workspace
  3. Create custom waivers that are specific to each workspace
  4. Add users to the specific workspace that they need access to.

How to add a workspace:

  1. Click on Workspaces in the menu on the left side of your account, and click Add a Workspace. You'll see a preview of the charge, prorated to line up to your renewal date. Additional workspaces are billed annually at $50/month.

Your workspaces have been created! What’s next?

  1. Start customizing your logos and colors.
  2. Invite your team to collaborate.

Toggle between your accounts by going to Settings > Workspaces

A few more details

Existing Collectors and videos you have created will stay in the original account and cannot be transferred to your new workspace. Workspaces can all have an internal nickname and externally facing name that would show up on Collectors, videos etc. Those settings can be managed by clicking on the workspace under settings.