User Roles and Permissions: Admins, Editors, and Reviewers

With Vocal Video, each user can have one of three roles: Reviewer, Editor, or Admin. Read on to see exactly what each type of user can do, how many you can add with each subscription plan, and the potential costs.


Reviewers can view and share draft videos, published videos, and Collector responses, but can't edit, publish, or download content.  Reviewers are free to add, no matter which type of plan you're on.

If your account has multiple workspaces, your account's Admins can select which workspaces Reviewers have access to (see below).

Reviewers can:

  • View and share draft videos
  • View, share, and embed published videos
  • View video collectors and raw responses
  • View, share, and embed video galleries
  • Add other Reviewers to your account

* Reviewers cannot edit, publish, or download videos


Editors can do everything Reviewers can, plus they can:
  • Edit and publish videos
  • Create and edit video Collectors
  • Create and edit video Galleries
  • Download published videos and raw response footage (Note: paid subscription required)

* Editors cannot manage your subscription, workspaces, user roles, default video settings, custom video releases, or edit brand kits. These require Admin privileges.

If your account has multiple workspaces, your account's Admins can select which workspaces Editors have access to (see below).


Admins can do everything Editors can, but they can also manage all account settings, including users, workspaces, brand kits, and billing.

Specific things Admins can do that Editors can't:

  • Manage all user access and roles (adding/removing users, changing user roles, and selecting which workspaces Editors and Reviewers can access)
  • Manage all aspects of billing
  • Edit brand kits
  • Manage default Video Settings
  • Add and manage workspaces (Note: Pro subscription required)
  • Manage custom video releases (Note: Pro subscription required)

Adding Users – Costs & Limits

If you are on a Free plan: you can add up to 5 users of any role to your account at no cost.

If you are on a paid plan: 

To add an Editor or Admin, you'll need to purchase an Editor Seat license (and you'll also need Admin privileges). Adding a Reviewer is free.

Editor Seat Pricing (used for Editors & Admins)

The base price of a Plus or Pro plan includes one Editor Seat, which is used by the user that creates the account (all accounts need at least one Admin user). The cost to add additional Editor Seats varies by plan:

  • Plus Annual: $240/year ($20/month)
  • Pro: $480/year ($40/month)
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

All charges are prorated based on your subscription's renewal date. (For example, if you are on Plus Annual and have 6 months until renewal, the cost to add an Editor Seat would be prorated to approximately $120). When you are purchasing an Editor seat, you will be shown an estimated prorated cost before you complete your purchase.

User Limits
  • Plus plans: Up to 3 Editor Seats (used for Editors & Admins); Up to 3 free Reviewers
  • Pro plans: Up to 8 Editor Seats (used for Editors & Admins); Up to 8 free Reviewers
  • Enterprise plans: Custom user limits

Changing User Roles and Workspace Access

Changing User Roles

Users with Admin privileges can change the role assigned to other users. When a Reviewer is upgraded to an Editor or Admin, you may need to purchase an Editor Seat to complete the upgrade (see above for cost details).

If you are an Admin, to change a user's role, navigate to their profile page (click Users in the main navigation, then click on the user you want to modify), and look for the Change User Role button.

Workspace Access

When your account has multiple workspaces, Admins can also assign which workspaces Editors and Reviewers have access to. This is done by navigating to the user's profile page and toggling which workspaces the user has access to:

Since Admins are the ones that set up workspaces and manage access to them, they can access all workspaces in an account.

Users Can Request Role Upgrades

Users with Editor and Reviewer roles can request a role upgrade from their profile page. When a role upgrade request is made, the account Admin(s) will receive a notification via email.

If the role upgrade is approved, the user that requested the upgrade will receive an email notifying them of their new role.