Paid Plans FAQ

All accounts include unlimited response collection, beautiful video galleries, ad-free video hosting & embedding, customizable video themes, and much more.

Pick from our paid plans here to decide which one is right for you and your company.

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Frequently asked questions

I’m looking to download video files onto my computer. Which plan should I pick?

Our Solo, Team, Pro, and Enterprise plans allow you to download your videos, which can be uploaded onto Youtube or Instagram. The 3 free downloads that come with your account do not include the ability to download video files, only to publish them.

I plan to use Vocal Video for a short project. Which plan should I pick?

Using your three free video allotment is a good place to start playing with Vocal Video's collection and editing software, but doesn't include downloads. You can share and embed your videos and galleries on your website: Sharing and Embedding Videos

Otherwise we’d recommend upgrading to Solo, Team, or Pro which would enable you to download all your videos for future use.

How do I share videos made on a free plan? 

On all free accounts, you can also easily share public video pages which are well-suited to most social media channels that lets you share links. Additionally, every published video comes with an embed code, which you can use on your site. Most CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Square, Google Sites, and more are well suited for embed codes. Sharing and Embedding Videos

Since free plans do not allow downloads, you wouldn’t be able to share them on Instagram or YouTube, which require that a video file be uploaded.

I don’t want the Vocal Video watermark to appear on the corner of my published videos. Which plan should I pick?

Videos published with any of our paid plans do not contain the Vocal Video watermark. 

I want a white-labeled Video Collection experience. Which plan should I pick?

Our Pro and Enterprise plans include a white-labeled Video Collector. More info.

I want to add a Call to Action at the end of my Video Collector so that respondents click a link, sign a petition, or perform another action after answering my questions. Which plan should I pick?

Our Pro and Enterprise plans allow you to add a Call to Action after your respondent finishes replying to the questions in your Video Collector.

Learn how the Call to Action button works: Call to Action Button

I want to add a Custom Waiver at the end of my Video Collector. Which plan should I pick?

Our Pro and Enterprise plans allow you to add a custom waiver. As respondents record videos, their response will come with a notification showing if they agreed to your custom terms or not. 

Learn how the custom waiver works: Standard and Custom Video Releases

I have multiple logos and brands. Which plan should I pick?

Our Pro plan includes multi-brand support, which means that you can centrally manage up to three separately branded accounts. Just email to let us know what the additional brands are and we’ll add them to your account.

There will be multiple users on my Vocal Video account. Which plan should I pick?

With our Team plan, you can add up to 3 users. With Pro, you can add up to 5 users. You can toggle additional users under Settings: Manage Users

I am managing Vocal Video accounts for multiple clients. What plan should I pick?

You might be a candidate for our Agency program: Agency Plans

Can I receive a demo on how to use Vocal Video?

We don't have a dedicated sales team, so we can currently only schedule live demos with folks evaluating our Enterprise Plan which starts at about $12K - $40K/year. Often the best way to get familiar with Vocal Video is to sign up for a free account and test it out yourself!

You can find a number of tutorials and videos on how begin using Vocal Video: Vocal Video Help Center


How does payment work once I’m ready to upgrade to Solo, Team, or Pro?

The day your start your subscription becomes the first day of your billing cycle. It will automatically renew on the same date the next year unless you turn it off in Settings.

We don't prorate the annual subscription fee with any pay per videos you have already purchased.

Can I be billed monthly for Solo, Team or Pro?

We don't have a monthly version of any of our paid plans, but you can get the full experience of video downloads with no watermarks by paying per published video.

If the limitation on response archiving, branding, and multiple users doesn't hold you up, you can pay for each video separately, which has de-risked the full investment for many of our customers. 

Can I pay with an invoice or ACH?

You'll be able to download an invoice and receipt after you sign up for any of the standard plans with a credit card. 

We can send invoices and receive payment by ACH for our Enterprise plans which start at $10,000 - $40,000/year. Learn more about our Enterprise plan here: Video Testimonials for the Enterprise


What does it mean to publish a video?

The concept of publishing means that you will have a fully rendered video with a video page that you can share with a link and embed on Sharing and Embedding Videos

With every free account, you are allowed to publish 3 videos. With Team, Pro, and Enterprise plans, you can publish unlimited videos (and download them)! Only after publishing can you share and embed videos onto your site.

What does a video storage limit mean?

On Team, Pro, and Enterprise plans, you can publish unlimited videos. These will count against the included storage. If you go past your limits, you'll automatically move into a higher storage tier. You can also download and delete videos to manage your storage.Learn more about how we charge for storage: Vocal Video Storage Pricing

We've designed Vocal Video to work well for a highly engaging, relatively short format video. Your subject has up to five minutes for each question prompt, and you can ask up to 5 questions each video collector. So you can technically create 25 minute videos. In practice, we see the highest performing videos for our customers are trimmed down from the original response in our editor, and are often 3 minutes and shorter.

What happens if I exceed the video storage included in my subscription plan?

With Solo, you have 3 hours of included storage. With Team, you have 5 hours of included storage. With Pro, you have 10 hours of included storage. 

We automatically send an email when you get to 80% of your current storage tier. We’ll never shut off response collection, we just charge you for more storage when you exceed your current limit. 

Learn more about how we account for storage: Vocal Video Storage Pricing

You can also always delete videos to make space for more. Learn more about How to Delete Videos and Responses.