Whitelabeling and Watermarks

Read on to see exactly how Vocal Video watermarks and branding you can expect in Pay Per Video and a Team subscription, and more about the whitelabeling with a Pro subscription. Check out the full plan comparison and pricing here.

Vocal Video watermark

With your three free downloads, all videos have a Vocal Video watermark on the corner. Here’s what it looks like on a video set to a square format:

Here’s what our watermark looks like on a video set to a landscape format:

Pretty tiny, right? When you upgrade to Team, Pro, or Enterprise, your videos will not contain this watermark. Alternatively, every Pay Per Video you purchase does not come with this watermark either.

Video Collection branding

On our our free plans and on a Team subscription, any Video Collector you create will come with a Vocal Video watermark on the bottom right. 

After your respondents are finished answering all the questions, they will see a callout for Vocal Video on the last page.

On our Pro plan, this “Powered by Vocal Video” callout will be removed. So while the Video Collector is hosted on our site, your respondents will only know that the Video Collector comes from Vocal Video by the URL. We call this a Whitelabeled video collection experience, available only on our Pro plan. You can also include a custom CTA on this page with Pro, to direct folks back to anywhere you’d like.

To sum it up…

  • On a free plan, you’ll see a watermark on the bottom corner of your three published videos. You will also see the white “Powered by Vocal Video” plug at the end of every Collector you send.
  • When you Pay per Video or publish videos with a Team or Pro plan, there will be no watermarks on the corner of your video.
  • On Team, you’ll see the white “Powered by Vocal Video” plug at the end of every Collector you create.
  • On Pro and Enterprise, you have a completely whitelabeled video collection and publication experience. 

Pick the best plan for your company: Plans & Pricing

What’s best for my team?

All Vocal Video plans allow you to customize your Video Collectors and video drafts.

You will always have the option to customize your account branding. You can do this by going to the top right of your Vocal Video account and selecting Account Settings > Account Branding

Your logo will automatically appear on the top of your video. You can upload a .jpg file of your company’s logo. For a transparent background, you can upload a .png file of your logo. You can opt to show it or hide it on every video you publish. 

Regardless of plan, you can always change the colors of your Video Collector and draft videos. Everything from the text, accents, to background can be customized to match your existing company color scheme. 

Learn more about how Account Branding works at Vocal Video.