Default Video Settings

You can set the look and feel of all of your automatically generated video drafts by navigating to Settings and then Default Video Settings. This guide walks you through all of the available options.

Note: any defaults you set here can be overridden when you're editing a particular video.


Vocal Video Themes are styleguides for the visuals & motion graphics in your videos. They adapt to your branding, color scheme, and any scenes your videos include. We offer standard and premium Themes, and you can learn more about them in this guide.

Video Format

If your account typically produces one type of video format, such as Portrait for social media, you can set those defaults here. Videos can be published in square, portrait (vertical), or landscape (horizontal) formats.

Learn more about Video Formats.

Video Cropping

You can choose to fill the entire frame with your video drafts, or set Shrink to Fit as an account default here which will add 'side bars' in your brands colors to fit the square, portrait or landscape frame.

Visible Subtitles

You can opt out of having subtitles on all your new videos. A transcript is still generated and will be available for every video after publishing. Learn more about Transcriptions.


Within the Vocal Video Editor, all customers get ten new fonts for subtitle, video headings and quotes in Galleries. Pro customers unlock an additional 50 premium fonts, and Enterprise customers can email with the file of the brand font to add it to their account. You can also set the preferred font weight, and toggle italics or all-caps. Learn more about fonts here.

Background Music

You can choose a specific song to play for every one of your videos, or even opt to have no music at all.

Music Volume

By default, music is set at 50% volume but you can increase this or decrease this for accessibility.

Transcription Language

You can set a default language for transcription with this option. This means all new Collectors will be created hoping to collect in that language. On the Collector level, you can override this. Learn more about Localization and Languages.

Audio Processing

Audio Processing happens during the publishing process, and can't be seen in the Video Editor as you edit your video. You can choose to apply the effects below to all of your videos when they're published as a

  • Fade out music at end: will fade out your music in the last 5 seconds of the video
  • Normalize speech loudness: Evens out how loud different voice clips in your video sound.

Learn more about audio settings.

Video Player Settings

You can configure the look and feel of the video players on your embeds and live links by navigating to Settings and then Video Player Settings.

You can control what the Video Player looks like in your public video pages. This include styling options for the big play button and the video player timeline.

Learn more about editing individual video thumbnails

Video Visibility

You can manage the visibility settings for all newly-published videos by navigating to Settings and then Video Visibility.