Video Themes

What are Vocal Video Themes?

Vocal Video themes are style guides for the visuals & motion graphics in your videos. They adapt to your branding, color scheme, and any scenes your videos include.

Each theme has distinctive typography, accents, scene transitions, fonts, and background music.

What Themes do...and what they don't

How to Switch Themes

This quick video shows you how easily it is to toggle between themes in the video editor. In the video editor, simply click Design, and select your preferred theme on the Themes tab. Be sure to play back your video to see how different themes use different animations!

Pro tip: You can also duplicate videos and create different versions of your videos with different themes for unique channels. For example, you might use our default theme Europa for a full-length video but use something with more distinctive flair like Atlas for a social-media promo.

How to Set Your Default Theme

Your default theme can be selected in default video settings so that it applies to all automatically created video drafts. Changing your default video theme won't modify any existing drafts or published videos. 

Standard Themes

Our default theme, and available on all plans, is Europa. It comes in two variations -- Shaded and Flat. Europa Shaded has gradients in the accent bars and default scene backgrounds, while Europa Flat does not use gradients.

Europa is designed to create a professional, modern look that works for almost any brand, with minimal accents, rounded corners, and a clean sans-serif font.

Europa Shaded:

Europa Flat:

Pro Themes

We currently have 4 premium themes for Pro users. These themes can be previewed with any plan -- a Pro plan is only required for publishing.


Atlas gives users a fun, eye-catching Video Theme perfect for standing out in social media feeds. The rounded design in the background engages the viewer, and the playful font is in line with the rounded corners of the text boxes.


Sirius is a bolder geometric Theme that outlines all elements of your video with a distinctive effect. Subtitles have crisp corners, and the extra-modern sans-serif font appeals to modern brands.


Callisto is perfect for many professional brands, and features dramatic lines and animations, with sharp corners on all design elements. The use of all caps gives added emphasis to text elements.


Janus is designed to disrupt the monotony of minimalism trends with video elements stylishly outlined and a lavish serif font as the default.