Video Themes

🤔 What are Vocal Video Themes?

Vocal Video themes are style guides for the visuals & motion graphics in your videos. They adapt to your branding, color scheme, and any scenes your videos include.

Each theme has distinctive typography, accents, scene transitions, fonts, and background music.

The best way to see how themes work is to try different ones in the video editor and preview your videos.

How to Switch Themes

In the video editor, click the themes button on the right hand side, then simply click on the name of the theme you want to preview.

As you'll see, each theme will automatically adapt to your brand kit's color scheme.

Pro tip: You can also duplicate your videos and create different versions of your videos with different themes for different distribution channels. For example, you might use our default theme Europa for a full-length video but use something with more distinctive flair like Atlas for a social-media promo.

Previewing Pro Themes

Some of our themes -- Atlas, Sirius, Callisto, and Janus, are reserved for Pro and Enterprise customers. However, you can preview what these themes look like in the video editor, even if you're on a Free or Plus plan.

Theme Examples

Below are examples of the same video published with different themes selected. Play them back to see how the animations, fonts, music, and color treatments change from theme to theme.

Europa (Default)

Note: Europa, our default theme, has two versions -- Shaded and Flat. Europa Shaded includes gradients on accents, cards, and scene backgrounds, while Europa Flat uses solid colors. This example shows Europa Shaded.

Atlas (Pro)

Sirius (Pro)

Callisto (Pro)

Janus (Pro)

How to Set Your Default Theme

Your default theme can be selected in default video settings so that it applies to all automatically created video drafts. Changing your default video theme won't modify any existing drafts or published videos. 

Customizing Themes

Each theme has its own default font settings, color mappings (where the colors in your brand kit are used in the video), and background music. You can override these settings on any individual video, and you can also override them on all new videos, regardless of theme, on your Default Video Settings page (learn more here).

For example, if you want all new videos to use the Callisto theme, but you want to make sure all the headlines in your videos use a different font than the default font in the Callisto theme, you can do that in Default Video Settings.

What themes control...and what they don't