Transcription Overview

Subtitles and transcripts are automatically created for each video you collect with or upload to Vocal Video.

You can also set your Collector to transcribe videos in a different language. Just go to your Collector > Advanced, and set the language. To learn more about localizing your Collector, see this article.

You can access transcripts in you Responses and Published Videos as shown below:

All edits that you make to the subtitles are reflected on the video transcription that becomes available when you publish your video.

When you view your video’s public page, the transcript appears on the bottom. If you decide not to make the subtitles visible in the video, they also will not show up at the bottom of the public page. The transcription will be split up by video clips.

You can also download the entire transcript in .txt format. Just find your published video, and select  Download Transcript (or Copy Transcript).


Can I edit the font? Yes, you can alter the font color and type on subtitles in the Video Editor and in Settings > Default Video Settings

Can you upload a transcript? At the moment, you cannot upload your own transcript. 

Why isn’t the transcript perfect? We rely on the latest Amazon AI technology so the technology is always improving. With a clear speaker, it can get pretty close.

Fun fact: if you have a frequent typo that you edit over and over again - the AI technology will eventually learn the correct way. This happens with company names that are frequently misspelled.

Video transcripts can help you build keyword rich content that’s great for SEO. Vocal Video’s Customer Stories are all video transcripts that have been copy-edited and turned into blog posts!