Localizing Transcriptions and Language FAQ

You can set the transcription language for each of your Collectors in the Questions section. When a response is received, the subtitles will be automatically generated in the chosen supported language. 

We currently offer English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Chinese (Simplified), German, French (Canada), French (France), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Latin America).

Now let’s dive into what text in your Video Collector can be customized, and what remains in English.

The Collector title and introduction text can be customized into any language. 

If you choose to show the spokesperson, you can customize that text. If you add incentives, that text can be customized into any language. Incentives are optional.

This text will remain in English:

How it Works

Tell your story by recording short video clips here. Nothing to download or install. 

Let’s Go

Have questions?

Here’s a similar view but on a desktop.

Your questions can be customized into another language.

However, this text remains in English:


    • Pick a quiet and well-lit place
    • You can redo any recording you don’t like
    • Relax & be yourself - it doesn’t have to be perfect

Ready to respond?

Open Video Recorder

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want any English text. Can I remove the English parts?

At the moment, the English text is encoded into the software. We are considering making the Collectors more easily localized in the future.

Can I use languages with non-Latin letters, such as Chinese, Russian, or Arabic?

Yes! Our Video Collector allows any text.

My respondents don’t read English at all. What can I do?

You can explain the process with a Welcome Video in the body of an email you send with the Collector. 

Note: Colors are helpful! You could instruct respondents to always click the yellow button to move on. Or whatever color your Collector and branding is set to.

All colors can be customized in Vocal Video.