Customizing Fonts in Videos, Galleries, and Cards

All Vocal Video plans support customizing the fonts used in your videos, galleries, and embedded video cards.

What fonts can I use?

If you're on a Free or Plus plan, you'll have access to our 10 Standard fonts, if you're on a Pro plan you have access to an additional 50+ Pro fonts, and with an Enterprise plan, we'll upload your exact custom fonts into your account. This article shows what the Standard and Pro fonts look like.

How to Edit Fonts in Videos

In the Video Editor, click Fonts on the right side. This is where you can control the fonts for your entire video.

Here, you'll see options to set the font, font weight, and style for your video's Teasers, Headlines & Names, and Body Text & Subtitles. Each of these font settings is used in the different types of scenes your videos can have. See below for a visual guide (click the image to make it bigger):

We've found that this system allows for sufficient flexibility in the typography used in videos, without the tedium of having to manage the font settings for each piece of text in each scene individually.

Each video theme has its own default fonts -- select "Theme Default" in the font menus to defer to the theme defaults, or override them whenever you like.

Setting Default Fonts for New Videos

Tired of making the same font changes in new draft videos? You can change the default font settings for all videos in a workspace by going to Settings > Default Video Settings and scrolling down to Fonts:

When you change these defaults, they will apply to newly-created draft videos going forward -- your existing videos won't be altered.

How to Edit Fonts in Video Galleries

Vocal Video supports several types of video galleries -- walls of love, grids, carousels, slideshows, and lists. Each of these can be embedded or shared via a standalone page.

To manage the fonts used in your galleries, go to the Design tab in the sidebar, then select the Font panel. You'll see options to change the font used in your gallery's Headings & Featured Quotes, and in the Secondary Text (names & titles).

When you change a gallery's fonts, any embeds of that gallery will automatically update.

You may notice that the default font selection is "System Default" -- this option uses the default font in the gallery viewer's operating system.

You can learn more about Vocal Video galleries here.

How to Edit Fonts in Video Cards

Video Cards, which combine a video player with an eye-catching featured quote, are a popular way to embed Vocal Videos. To create a Video Card embed, click the Embed button on a published video, then select "Embed a Video Card":

In the video card builder, to edit the fonts, select the Design tab, and then open the Fonts panel. You'll be able to change the font used in the card's featured quote and attribution.

Pro Tip: You can also bold certain words in your quote and change the Accent Color to highlight certain words!