How to Change Video Format: Square, Landscape & Portrait

At Vocal Video, we’ll capture the full video from your respondents at the highest resolution possible and all videos can be published in square, portrait (vertical), or landscape (horizontal) formats. Check out the examples embedded below, and a guide on how to change the format in the Video Editor.

Square is best for general social sharing and when viewers will be split between desktop and mobile. We typically recommend this format. This is 1080x1080p.

Portrait is best for use cases like Facebook or Instagram Story Ads and other primarily mobile audiences. This is 1080x1920p with a ratio of 9:16.

Landscape is best for primarily desktop audiences. This is 1920x1080p with a ratio of 16:9.

However, Vocal Video's Shrink to Fit option allows your video to look good in any format, regardless of how it was recorded. A video originally recorded in Portrait can look great in Square.

And also in Landscape. 

Just click Shrink to Fit under Format to play with the options.

Once you've narrowed down the format you want for your video, click Manage Scenes to control the background and "side bars" for each scene individually. You can choose a color, background image, or upload one of your own.