How to Change Video Format: Square, Landscape & Portrait

At Vocal Video, we’ll capture the full video from your respondents at the highest resolution possible and all videos can be published in square, portrait (vertical), or landscape (horizontal) formats. Check out the examples embedded below, and a guide on how to change the format in the Video Editor.

Square is best for general social sharing and when viewers will be split between desktop and mobile. We typically recommend this format. This is 1080x1080p.

Portrait is best for use cases like Facebook or Instagram Story Ads and other primarily mobile audiences. This is 1080x1920p with a ratio of 9:16.

Landscape is best for primarily desktop audiences. This is 1920x1080p with a ratio of 16:9.

Every response that you receive via Vocal Video can be customized to those three different formats, regardless of how they were originally recorded. For example, most webcams record at 1280x720p. The clips from all three videos were originally recorded from the speaker’s webcam.

You can see that when we change the video to Portrait format, we need to toggle the alignment of the original video. Since the speaker did not move very much during his video, it doesn’t affect the alignment too much. The video looks great after a simple adjustment in Video Alignment. 

The speaker also sat further away from the camera, which allowed us to change to make simple but aesthetically pleasing changes. It’s recommended that if you change a video originally recorded to landscape to portrait, you watch each scene and adjust alignment as needed. 

When a response is originally recorded in Portrait such as on a smartphone, there are similar changes that can affect the outcome if you want the final product to be Landscape. 

This video below was originally recorded on a smartphone. It looks best in Square.

It looks pretty good in Portrait as well.

To make this video recorded in Portrait to look good in Landscape, the alignment has to be toggled since the clip is taller than the scene.

Since the speaker recorded the video too close-up, there isn’t really a winning way to align the once Portrait response into Landscape.

In this case, I would probably just go with Square or Portrait. Or I could ask the respondent to record their video again, but further away. 

This article offers some of the way video responses are optimized for the format they are published in.