Nonprofit & Education Discount

We offer a 20% discount on all of our annual paid plans for qualified nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Email to request your discount before you upgrade to an annual paid plan.

Read on for details:

Vocal Video can help you collect, edit, and share video testimonials to spread the word about the important work your organization does with donors, stakeholders, beneficiaries, and community. The same applies for marketing and engagement for educational institutions.

Included with our Nonprofit & Education Discount:

  • Video Collectors that can be customized to fit the needs of your organization
  • Self-serve video editing software through Vocal Video
  • Publish HD Videos 
  • Customizable colors and branding for video collection and published videos
  • Multiple users and Pro plans, so your organization can create together, any time, any way

Find out why nonprofit organizations, like Career Village, need video testimonials and rely on Vocal Video to tell those stories. Read the case study here.

How to get started

Start collecting stakeholder testimonial videos using one of these three templates in 5 minutes:

  1. Browse our nonprofit templates: Click here to create a new video collector based on these templates.
  2. Customize it: Make any changes you want to the questions, intro message, and branding (you can even add a custom incentive and welcome video).
  3. Send it: Send the public link to your video collector to your target audience. (Feel free to use our sample email sequences, and check out our guide to getting higher response rates on your video campaigns.)
  4. Publish responses: See your donor testimonial videos roll in. We’ll automagically generate branded, pro-style draft videos for you. Publish your favorites.
  5. Share & embed: Share and embed them on your site with our ad-free video hosting and responsive embed codes.

With Vocal Video there's no limit on the number of the number of responses you can gather, so you can cast a wide net and only publish the best responses.

Best of all, you can gather an unlimited number of responses on your free account. Only upgrade if you get testimonial videos you want to download, or if you want to publish. more than three videos.

How do I receive the Nonprofit or Education discount?

To be eligible for the discount, you must first create an account with Vocal Video. Email to request your discount.  A 20% discount will then be applied when you upgrade to any of our annual paid plans.

Can I centrally manage multiple accounts in Vocal Video?

Yes, with our Pro plan you can centrally manage up to 3 distinct organizations. Please contact and share the names of the additional organizations so we can set it up.

The fine print:

  • The Nonprofit & Education Discount cannot be combined with other discounts or incentive programs offered by Vocal Video.
  • We reserve the right to change plans and pricing at any time without notice.