Defining Responses, Drafts, Published, and Uploaded Videos in Your Account

Responses, Uploads, Draft Videos, Published Videos – what’s the difference??

In Vocal Video, you’ll see a few different types of videos. This article will explain what each one is. Here's an overview:


A response is just that – a response to one of your video collectors. 

When someone responds to one of your video collectors, they record video or audio clips on their phone, tablet, or computer. Those raw, un-edited video or audio clips are stored on the response page, along with an automatically-generated transcription, and the respondent’s name, email, etc.

Each response can have multiple video/audio clips, depending on how many questions your video collector has, and how many of them the respondent answered. We also show you which draft & published videos make use of clips from this response.

You can browse responses across all of your collectors by going to Videos → All Responses, or browse responses for an individual collector by opening up the collector and clicking on the responses tab.

Note: Responses are counted in a paid plan's video processing time. More info here.

Draft Videos

Draft videos are multi-scene branded videos that are in edit mode. You can preview them, change the scenes, design, subtitles, etc, and when you’re happy with them, publish them.

When you get a response to one of your video collectors, we’ll automatically combine all the clips from that response along with the questions that were asked, into a new draft video for you to review.

You can edit this video as much or as little as you want before publishing – add scenes, remove scenes, trim clips, edit the subtitles, attribution, colors, music.

While many draft videos are autogenerated, you can also create them on your own – just go to your drafts page, click “New Video” and drop in whichever scenes you want. You can pick out your favorite parts of a longer responses for a short video ad or combine highlights from multiple respondents into one video.

If you don’t like a draft video, you can easily delete it without publishing. 

Published Videos

When you’ve got a draft video you’re happy with, that’s when you’ll publish it. At this point, we render your interactive draft video in 1080p HD so it can be publicly shared, embedded, or downloaded.

Every Vocal Video account comes with ad-free video hosting, which means each of your published video has a branded public page for easy sharing, as well as customizable, mobile-friendly embedded players. Learn more about embedding videos.

If you have a paid subscription plan, and you don’t want your published videos to show up in search results, or you want to disable embedding and public sharing of them, you can toggle visibility.

You can also edit your published videos – just click the edit link, make your changes, and republish. This is super useful if you have a highlight reel of your favorite testimonials embedded on your site – you can just add new testimonials to the video and republish, and the new video will show up in your embed without you touching the embed code.

Note: With a free plan, you can only publish 5 videos. With a Plus plan, you can only publish 3 videos per month. The video credits do not rollover.  

Uploaded Clips

If you have existing videos that you want to incorporate into your Vocal videos, or you just want to apply consistent branding across your video library, you can also upload video clips.

Go to Videos → Uploads and upload your clips. After the uploads are processed, you can add these uploaded clips to your draft videos on a scene-by-scene basis, or you can create a new draft video from an uploaded clip and publish from there.

Learn more about uploading external video clips.

Note: Uploaded clips are counted in a paid plan's video processing time. More info here.

Vocal Video Publishing Workflow

Here’s an overview of the whole process – how you get videos into Vocal Video, publish them, and how to use them after publishing.