How to Create Videos Featuring Multiple People

Highlight Reels. Montages. Compilations. Whatever you choose to call it, many Vocal Video users want to publish videos featuring multiple people in the same video.

Good news -- this is easy to do! Here's an example we made from our customer videos. Read below for step-by-step instructions.

You can start from scratch in the Videos section with the New Video option, or select one of the automatic videos generated from any respondent to open up the Video Editor. In the Scenes side bar on the very left, you can then choose to add the video scene from a different respondent by selecting Add Scene by scrolling to the bottom and choosing Video Scene.

You can then search or browse for the response you'd like to add, and your new video will appear in the video editor. Just repeat to add additional responses.

Once you've added all your videos you can drag and drop to get the order right, then simply trim each video scene as needed, reviewing subtitles, updating colors, and choosing your music. You'll then publish normally.