Navigation & Support Improvements (Jan. 2022)

Bird’s eye view dashboard

We heard that it was sometimes tough to see all your key information in one place. So we rebuilt your account dashboard with widgets that show your most-recent video collectors, draft videos, published videos, and your raw responses.

Improved Collectors Overview

We also rebuilt the video collectors overview to make it easier to scan, and to show you thumbnail images of the latest responses for each collector. To see the responses for a particular collector, just click on the number of responses.

Consolidated Videos tab

We consolidated the videos tab so it’s easier to find not just your draft & published videos, but also all your raw responses and uploaded videos. It’s also faster to get at them with the new dropdown menu.

If you want a primer on these different types of videos, click here to read a guide.

Faster to access settings

Before, to manage your subscription, account branding, or other settings, you had to find the gear icon in the top navigation bar. It could be hard to find for some people. So, we made it easier to find with the new Settings link and added a dropdown menu so you can access each area with one click.

In-app support widget

We also added an in-app support widget so you don’t have to use your email client to contact us. Just click the help icon and send us a message. You’ll get a response from us in your inbox.

Our new help system will also remember your previous conversations with us so there’s no need to track down an old email thread.

Searchable help center

We’ve also invested in improving our on-demand help center. You can search it right within our support widget, or click the help-center icon to open it in a new tab.