Video and Gallery Stats and Account Analytics

You can track aggregate Responses Collected, Videos Published, Video View, and Gallery Views with easy to follow charts in your Vocal Video account.

Account Analytics

From your dashboard, you can get a bird’s eye view of all your account’s analytics under Key Stats. You can also click Analytics from the left side bar to access your account’s analytics report.

There you’ll find easy-to-find charts of your key metrics, like responses collected, videos published, and gallery views.You can look at your total across all your accounts, or drill into each individual workspace.

Video Analytics by Video

You can also track your view, plays, and more for each published video. Just navigate to the published video and click Details to get the specifics.

This count includes views of your video from embeds, Galleries, and public video pages.

We track the last time the video was viewed in an embed, so you can make sure that your embed is in a visible and heavily-trafficked page on your site. (Note: Never created an embed before? Here are instructions on embedding your videos.)

While we can’t track how your video is doing on a site where an upload is required (like Youtube or Instagram), every website embed comes with handy analytics tools built into the code. Dive deep into the specifics of how Vocal Video uses HTML to track useful information.

Gallery Analytics 

Gallery analytics are tracked the same way as individual videos. Click the view count at the top of every Gallery editor page to learn more about the views and video plays.

Want to boost a high-performing asset? You can even sort your videos or Galleries by Most Viewed.

Sometimes an asset may have a lot of views but not a lot of plays. That could be a sign that it’s time to refresh the videos in your gallery or update some thumbnails.