Collaborating and Sharing Videos with Your Team

It’s easier than ever to work together on collecting and editing videos within Vocal Video. Read on to learn how you can share & comment on videos and raw responses, and even follow video collectors to make sure you never miss a new response.

Sharing Videos and Responses

In Vocal Video, you can share draft videos, published videos, and raw responses with other team members just as easily as sharing a Google doc!

Sharing Raw Responses and Draft Videos

To share a draft video or a raw video collector response with a colleague, simply click the Share icon on the item's card (shown below), or go to the item's page and click on the blue Share button.

You'll see a popup just like this, where you can enter up to 5 colleagues' names or email addresses:

Once you select the colleagues to share with, you can include an optional message:

Sharing with new users

Draft videos and video collector responses can only be seen by logged-in users with access to your account and current workspace. But what if the colleagues you want to share with have never used Vocal Video? We've made this easy -- they will get a special link that will add them to your account as a free Reviewer before they view the shared video/response.

Sharing Published Videos

Sharing published videos is even more flexible than sharing drafts and responses -- you can:

  • Share by email with anyone, whether they have a Vocal Video login or not
  • Copy a public link to the video
  • Copy a linked video thumbnail that you can paste right into your own email app
  • Embed the video
  • Share to X/Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (see our integrations for automatic posting to Youtube and other social platforms).

Note: If your published video has its visibility set to "private", sharing works the same as sharing a draft video -- the recipient will need to be logged into your account and have access to your current workspace. If they don't have access when you share with them, they'll be added as a free Reviewer.

Commenting and @-mentioning Colleagues 

You can easily collaborate on draft videos and discuss your collector responses with our commenting feature. When you post a comment, you can @-mention a colleague to make sure they see your message.

Comments can be posted on draft videos, published videos, and video collector responses.

To make sure comments don't fall through the cracks, we even built a Notifications Center:

Learn more about managing notifications, and how commenting works in our notifications guide.

Following Video Collectors

If you want to be notified each time a particular video collector gets a new response -- even if the collector was created by another user -- simply use our Follow feature: