How the Free Trial of Vocal Video Pro Works

If you’re new to Vocal Video, you’ll automatically get access to the features of our Pro plan for 14 days. Your trial of our Pro features includes:

Pro Video Collection Features

Pro Video Publishing Features


Limitations of the free trial

During your free trial of our Pro features, some limitations of our free plan are still enforced:

  • Published videos and individual responses are not downloadable
  • You can publish up to 5 videos
  • You are limited to 20 minutes of Video Processing per month

What happens when the trial ends?

If you decide not to upgrade to a paid plan within your trial period, you’ll be automatically downgraded to our Free plan.

Some things to note:

  • All published Videos, Galleries, and Collectors you’ve created will continue to work seamlessly, as will your video & gallery embeds
  • Watermarks will return to your videos
  • Video Collectors will include a Vocal Video logo and callout after respondents complete their submissions
  • Only 1 Video Collector for capturing new videos will be available, with up to 3 questions

You will also lose access to these features:

💡 Note: You can upgrade at any time to regain access to paid features. You can review our plans & pricing here.