Video Visibility Settings (Public, Unlisted, Private)

Once your subject records a video, you’ll be able to privately review an automatically generated Video Draft privately in your account, and make any updates you’d like in the Video Editor.

When you’re ready to publish, you’ll see three visibility options: Public, Unlisted, or Private.

Public videos will have their video page indexed by Google, and will be available to embed and use in Galleries.

Unlisted videos are available to share via video page and embeds, but will not be indexed by Google.

Private provides access to the downloads, but will not have a public video page and you won’t be able to embed it or use it in Video Galleries. This is a great way to publish sensitive videos you may only be sharing within your organization.

You can change the visibility settings any time once your video is published. Note: Altering visibility settings require a paid subscription.

Setting account-level visibility defaults

By default, Vocal Video will publish your videos as Public to boost your organization’s SEO. If you know what visibility setting you’ll want for all your videos going forward, you can set workspace-level visibility defaults. To do this, select Settings from the left side bar. Then toggle Video Visibility under Workspace Settings. 

If you’d like to update previously published videos, you can do that on a video-by-video basis by selecting that option from the video in your account.