Video Visibility & SEO Settings

Controlling Visibility & SEO on Published Videos

With all paid plans, you can control the video visibility & SEO settings on published videos.

(Your draft videos and raw video collector responses are always private -- they can only be accessed by you and other users with access to your workspace.)

While a video is being rendered, click on the "Visibility & SEO" heading to make changes:

Or, after publishing is complete, click on "Manage Visibility":

You will see 3 options, outlined below:

Public & Searchable: the video can be publicly shared & embedded, included in galleries, and it can also be indexed by search engines (more on Video SEO here).

Public: the video can be publicly shared & embedded, and included in galleries, but will not be indexed by Google or other search engines.

Private: provides access to the downloads, but will not have a public video page and you won’t be able to embed it or use it in Video Galleries. This is a great way to publish sensitive videos you may only be sharing within your organization.

Changing Default Video Visibility

When you publish a video, its visibility setting will default to your current workspace's default video visibility setting. You can change your workspace's default setting by going to Settings > Workspace Settings > Video Visibility & SEO.

Note that changing default video visibility doesn't affect already-published videos. If you’d like to update previously published videos, you can do that on a video-by-video basis.

Video SEO

When a published video is set to Public & Searchable status, it has these important settings:

  • The video's embed codes are enhanced with special metadata ( JSON-LD video markup, specifically) that helps Google index your videos on your own pages where you embed them.
  • The video's automatically-generated public sharing page is indexable by Google and other search engines
  • The video's public sharing page is included in our video sitemap that is automatically submitted to Google

Learn more about our Video SEO features here.

Video Visibility with Free Plans

All published videos are set to Public visibility on free plans. All paid plans include the ability to edit video visibility & SEO.