Optimizing Vocal Video for TikTok

Note: Posting a Vocal Video onto TikTok requires a paid subscription.

Vocal Video allows you to publish your video in square, portrait, and landscape format. Here is a guide about the three format choices.

We’d recommend publishing a version of your video in a Portrait (9:16) for TikTok, and we have a few other recommendations for making your Vocal Video look its best on this channel.


  • Edit your video using Vocal Video’s portrait format without subtitles.
  • Use TikTok to add stickers, captions, filters, and more.
  • Manually upload Vocal Video’s thumbnails to TikTok or take advantage of TikTok’s variety in editing the cover.

1. Edit your video in Portrait format without subtitles.

When editing your video through Vocal Video, it is not recommended that you use Vocal Video’s subtitles as they can easily be covered up by the footer text on TikTok. You can also go to the top right corner of your video draft or published video to duplicate the video and create a new draft to work with.

Videos that go through the TikTok editor include their own subtitles, which are automatically generated and can be edited to perfection. Any captions, comments, or likes can cover titles generated through Vocal Video may be covered by TikTok’s footer text. 

TikTok’s in-app captions are responsive to their own subtitles.

Note: If you leave your video in landscape or square mode, the video will contain black bars on the top and bottom once it’s uploaded onto TikTok. 

2. Add stickers, filters, pop-ups, and more with TikTok.

This cannot be added through Vocal Video’s editor, but looks great with any Vocal Video. 

Note: Stickers, filters, captions, and pop-ups cannot be added if you are uploading your video on desktop. They must be done on the app, on your phone.

If you don’t plan on using TikTok’s editing tools and prefer to do this from your computer, simply publish your video in 9:16, download the file, and reupload it onto TikTok with a caption. 

3. Thumbnails created on Vocal Video need to be manually uploaded onto TikTok.

On desktop, you will have to manually upload the thumbnail image on TikTok. If you don’t complete this step, they will simply do a screen capture of the first second of your video. 

When you download a video from Vocal Video, you have the option to download the thumbnail as well. On TikTok, a thumbnail is known as a cover. 

Alternatively, in the app on mobile, TikTok allows you to customize a banner for the thumbnail.

We hope you found this guide useful for posting your Vocal Videos onto TikTok. Tag @vocalvideoinc on TikTok and we’ll re-share your videos!