How to Add Incentives

Customers, employees, or experts can be much more likely to respond to a request for a video review if you include an incentive in your Video Collector. You can customize incentives on the Welcome Page when you set up your Video Collector.

Incentives can be prizes, giveaways, free usage of your product or service, or donations you can make on behalf of your respondents. Your organization will fulfill any custom incentives you add. For the Vocal Video drawing, we pick winners across all respondents from all of our customers.

What are some good incentives?

  • Gift certificates
  • Swag 
  • Additional usage of your product or service 
  • Giveaways, particularly effective paired with a social media campaign 
  • Donations made on the behalf of your respondent. 

Of course, you don’t even need to offer incentives. Particular customers are loyal, passionate about your product, and excited to record a video testimonial! Same goes for employees or influential experts in your industry. The idea that they’re helping you out might be reason enough - no incentive needed.

If you’re using Vocal Video for confidential testimonials or for applicant video screening, incentives might not be the best idea, either. 

When does the customer learn about your incentives?

Before they record a video, your respondents will read your welcome page. This page will remind them why they are recording a testimonial video for you. At the very bottom, your incentives will be mentioned. The text is entirely customizable. 

How do I edit my incentives?

First, navigate to your Video Collector editor by selecting Video Collectors from your dashboard. Next, find Welcome Page in the left side checklist. Scroll down to Incentives to start editing your own incentives.

Every video collected with a Video Collector is automatically entered into a prize drawing. This is across all users who use Vocal Video. It’s our little way of saying thank you! Of course, you can opt your respondents out of this by unchecking the Vocal Video Prize Drawing. 

If you’re offering your own incentives, you could turn off Vocal Video’s prize drawing, so that your customers focus on your incentive instead. 

You can choose from a Giveaway present symbol, Content medal symbol, or Donation hand and heart symbol. Regardless of what you choose to represent your incentive, you take charge of the fulfillment. 

If the incentive requires the respondent to enter an email or address, make sure you have a way to follow up.

My incentives are set up. Now what?

Now that your respondents are aware of the incentive, you have to follow up with your end of the bargain. Every time you receive a response to one of your Collectors, you’ll get an email notifying you. At that time, you could send out the gift.

Don't want to keep track of sending out gifts manually? Use our Zapier integration to connect to a service like Giftbit or Sendoso to send physical gifts automatically each time you receive a new response. 

Now, it doesn’t mean people will come flocking into your Video Collector to record testimonials just yet! You still need to do some work in distributing the link and following up on the initial video request. All our templates come with sample emails that your Video Collector link can be sent with. 

While we’ve made it seamless for your subjects to record video testimonials for your business, achieving high response rates still requires some planning on your part. The same would be true for any online survey, no matter how smooth and painless the process is. 11 Tips for Higher Response Rates