Tips for Editing Videos in Safari

Vocal Video allows you to preview and interactively edit your draft videos right in the browser, without downloading any apps. To do this, our technology relies on common standards built into most modern web browsers.

While Safari is a very fast and capable web browser, some aspects of the Vocal Video editor push the envelope of what Safari can currently do.

Making the Vocal Video Editor Smoother in Safari

  • Log into your Vocal Video account in Safari
  • In the menu bar, select Safari -> Preferences...
  • Click the Websites tab, then Auto-Play in the left-hand menu
  • You should see an entry for Select Allow All Auto-Play

This will allow the Vocal Video editor to play the video and audio clips within your draft videos more smoothly.

Other issues with Safari

When you play back your draft videos in Safari, you may find that the video clips initially appear stretched out and then "pop in" to place. This is due to another common standard that's not yet supported by Safari -- preloading video content before it actually plays.

If you see this issue, and want a smoother playback experience in the video editor, go back to the beginning and replay the draft video -- it should look smoother the second time through.

Keep in mind, this is only an issue with draft video playback in Safari. This issue is not present in published videos, even if you edit them using Safari.

Use Chrome if you can (for now)

We strive to support all modern web browsers, and we look forward to Safari fully supporting all cross-platform standards Vocal Video depends on. For the time being, we have found that our web-based video editor does work more smoothly in Google Chrome.