Lists Guide

Lists are fast and easy-to-create galleries of your published videos. You can design a List entirely within Vocal Video, and easily embed on your website or share via a public page. This guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how.

In the top navigation bar, click on Galleries. Then select + Create a New Gallery and select List. From there you can click + Add Videos, browse all of your published videos, and choose videos to add to your List.

Vocal Video will automatically create a preview of your List on the right side of the page, and you can reorder the videos as needed by dragging and dropping on the left.


Click on the Design, for a list of options to customize your List.

Video Cards

Video cards are customizable previews of your videos, which have the option to pull quotes from your videos. These cards become the building blocks of all Vocal Video galleries. You’ll see that the video card options include the ability to include pull quotes from your respondents. Once you click one of those, you’ll be able to customize the card height, style of quotation marks, featured quote text size and whetheror not to show attributions.

Editing Quotes

Quotes can be edited by hovering over the quote in the preview, or by choosing Edit Feature Quote by hovering over the ellipsis to the right of the Video Name in the Videos Menu.

This will open a window with a preview of the video transcript which makes it easy to find a sentence or two to use as your Featured Quote. Attribution, and photo of your customer or their logo can be added as well.


The format of your thumbnails can be updated to fit the part of your website you plan to use the List in.


Your gallery colors will automatically pull from the Account Branding Colors under Settings. You can update the Gallery title, Gallery description, featured quote, quote accent, attribution text color, Card background color and Card background gradient can all be updated for each gallery. 


You can choose from 60 fonts for your heading and secondary fonts in the gallery.


The location of your account’s logo can be update from top left, above title or removed entirely.

Corners and Shadows

Choose corner types and whether to include shadows behind your cards.


Title alignment can be updated, along with the number of columns and max width of each card.


Select a custom background to set off the videos in your List best.


Add a title and description to your public gallery page.


Click to share your public link to your List page, or directly to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Your List can also be added directly to your website with our embed code. The gallery backgrounds are transparent with the embed codes to fit seamlessly into your existing design. Any revisions you make to the videos in your List will automatically update the video in your embed as well.

Additional options

In the top right corner you can get quick links to view the public page, rename your List, edit the URL for the public page, duplicate the List and make a different version, Duplicate or Delete.

Check out this List featuring Vocal Video customers, created 100% with Vocal Video and using Vocal Video’s embed code. You can also check out this List’s public page.

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