How Video Responses are Archived in the Free Plan

With a Free Plan, all responses collected with Vocal Video must be published within 14 days, or they will be archived and no longer accessible in your account..

Here’s how this works:

  • Once someone responds to your Video Collector, Vocal Video automatically makes a video draft with music, subtitles, and transitions.
  • You can log in to edit that draft and publish the video as one of your three free videos. 
  • Published videos will not be archived and neither are the raw responses that are included in your published videos. 
  • If you don’t publish a video with a response, it will be archived in 14 days - meaning deleted from your account. It cannot be recovered.

Why do you archive videos?

Archiving unpublished videos reduces our storage and infrastructure costs, which lets us continue to offer our free version of Vocal Video.

How do I keep my videos?

  • Publish the response as a part of one of your three free videos
  • Upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited videos, and no response archiving

One last word of warning: Make sure you use the response in a published video within 14 days, purchase an additional video, or upgrade to an annual subscription if you’d like to preserve a response. Archiving is permanent – once a response is archived, it’s no longer accessible in your account.