Account Cancellation

To cancel your current subscription, go to Settings and select Manage Subscription. To the right of Your Plan, select Cancel Subscription. You will still have access until the last day of your billing cycle.

We don’t offer refunds for any of our plans.

Frequently asked questions

If I cancel an Annual subscription, when does it end? 

Regardless of when you cancel, your subscription ends on the last day of your billing cycle. Your subscription will last the entirety of your original billing agreement and simply not renew for the next year. 

Where do my videos go when I cancel my subscription?

When your subscription lapses, all videos and personal information are scheduled to be deleted within thirty days. 

What will happen to all my public Collectors, embeds, and video landing pages?

They will no longer work and all embeds and landing pages will direct to the Vocal Video homepage. 

I deleted my account and all my videos. What will happen to the data that shows up on Google about my video?

These will come down the next time Google crawls the web. Typically, this takes a few weeks.